First Post Jitters

Hello, people. I am J.T. Wright, Wannabe Theologian. Not really sure what to open with here, other than I needed some type of cathartic outlet for my unique sense of humor. This is it.
I am completely new to this, so I am deeply indebted to one Kipp Bedford, who showed me the ropes, so to speak. Thanks, big man!
Hopefully I won't embarrass my family, who wishes to remain nameless.



  1. J.T. - you are welcome. You will find blogging to be very thermophilic no wait therapeutic; spell check is so cool. I am stoked to be the first follower! Looking forward to seeing into the mind of an A.D.D. adult.

  2. J.T. - not sure where my first comment went unless you deleted it. LOL!
    Thanks for the shout out. I look forward to reading your blog.
    Your blog has already made it to my blog roll. See you soon my friend.


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